The arts have a unique power to inspire thoughtful discussion among diverse audiences, to bring people together, and to bridge divides through shared experiences.

There are issues that would benefit from considered collaboration between the arts and the faith community.  There is no other organized, ongoing activity elsewhere in our community with this focus.

This process of collaboration will build on the St. Louis community's traditions of strong interfaith and inter-group collaboration, mutual respect among diverse groups, and civility in public discourse.


Interfaith Concerts

Arts & Faith St. Louis began on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with an interfaith commemoration in music at The Sheldon Concert Hall. The concert, which has become an annual event, has been presented to capacity audiences each year. 

Headlined by renowned soprano Christine Brewer and other acclaimed local musicians, the event also showcases the performances of many diverse faith groups, providing attendees with a unique opportunity for reflection, unity, and peace. 

Beyond the Annual Concerts

In recent years Arts & Faith St. Louis expanded its reach with a wide range of projects to bring groups together through artistic expressions and interfaith connections.

In February 2017 The Cave Project included performances of The Cave, a multimedia opera, reminding us of the common roots of the three Abrahamic religions. Additional programs presented as part of The Cave Project included lectures, presentations, and concerts. Videos, which premiered at the annual 2016 concert, have focused on interfaith youth and their approaches to building a more harmonious St. Louis.

A collaboration with the Saint Louis Art Museum in fall 2017 has produced interfaith tours specifically designed to demonstrate common elements of our world’s great religions in art produced throughout the ages. Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis has played an invaluable role in developing these tours.

In 2018 panel discussions were as added as new event programming at both the Saint Louis Art Museum and the St. Louis County Library. (Click on tabs for SLAM Events and SLCL Events for details.)

St. Louis County Library: In fall 2018 a program by the St. Louis County Library, Daniel Boone Branch in collaboration with Arts & Faith presented a panel (Venerable Jue Huang, Fo Guang Shan Saint Louis Buddhist Center, Dr. David Oughton, Saint Louis University, Department of Theological Studies, Dr. Rosalynde Welch, scholar and writer) discussing select Ancient Egyptian, Buddhism and Mormon paintings and ritual.

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA) Arts and Faith sponsored a tour of the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA) on the campus of St Louis University fall 2018.  Father Terrence Dempsey, then the director of MOCRA, presented a “walking lecture” on the theme of COMPASSION as expressed in various pieces on display in their 25th anniversary show. 

In fall 2018, Arts & Faith collaborated with Good Shepherd Arts Center (GSAC) Ferguson on an art exhibit “Children of Abraham for Peace and Justice".

In spring 2020, Arts & Faith St. Louis began an ongoing collaboration with the St. Louis Storytelling Festival which has co-presented storytelling events at the monthly Story Lounge at the new High Low facility in Grand Center on themes of mutual interest, this year focusing on the theme of “compassion,” tying into the theme of our upcoming concert. A well-attended virtual “Stories of Compassion” event was part of the spring 2020 St. Louis Storytelling Festival.

The concerts and program offerings demonstrate the transformational power of shared musical and visual arts experiences!


Arts & Faith St. Louis is guided by a diverse group of leaders from arts organizations and faith communities: 


Laura Arnold  Webster Groves Presbyterian Church, Chair

Batya Abramson-Goldstein  Arts & Fatih St. Louis

Bala Anantharama  The Hindu Faith

Rev. Sheila Bouie-Sledge North Park United Methodist Church

David Brinker  Museum of Contemporary Religious Art

Jessica Chamberlain Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

James Comininellis   Archdiocese of St. Louis

Gretta Forrester Annunziata Catholic Church

Dr. Ghazala Hayat, MD  Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis

Rev. Dieter Heinzl  Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church (USA)

Frank Jacobs Jacobs International Cheers

Andrew Jorgensen Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

Rabbi Howard Kaplansky  Arts & Faith St. Louis 

Jim Kemp  First Congregational Church of St. Louis, UCC

Milton Kendrick III   Central Baptist Church - St. Louis

Eugene Kornblum   Arts & Faith St. Louis

Mont Levy  Arts & Faith St. Louis

Carolyn Losos Arts & Faith St. Louis

Phyllis Markus  Michael and Barbara Newmark Institute for Human Relations / JCRC

Sister Glynis Mary McManamon, RGS  Good Shepherd Arts Center

Michael P. McMillan  Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

F. Javier Orozco, OFS, PhD  Archdiocese of St. Louis

Maharat Rori Picker Neiss  Jewish Community Relations Council

Rev. Jim Poinsett  Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis

Paul K. Reuter  The Sheldon Concert Hall & Art Galleries

Shima Rostami  Shia Islam


Paul Reuter  Administrative Director

Barbara Murray   Fundraising and Publicity

Katelyn Galenski  Community Engagement - Music

Megan Gaxiola  Concert Production

Past Videos

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